About Persy Growbox...   

At 5ft 7 inches tall and just 2 ft square, Persy Growbox is the little cabinet that gets big results. Perfect for hobby growers, as well as professionals wanting to keep mother plants in the flowering room, and can also be used as a nursery for cuttings and seedlings.

It is a cabinet that was designed not to take up too much space in any room and can be transported anywhere without having to disassemble anything. After all, the idea for Persy Growbox came about through trying to find a solution to help home growers that live in rented accommodation carry on growing without interruption, where the upheavals of having to move can be a right inconvenience, what with having to dismantle and reassemble in the middle of a growing cycle, and banging around putting holes in walls and cupboards etc is not always an option. So with necessity being the Mother of invention the Persy Growbox was created.

Persy comes as a Flat pack, in a box measuring 1.2 meters x 74cm and 11cm deep and weighing just 7 kilograms. Making it easy storage, light weight and easy to put together. Made from twin walled corrugated plastic (correx) panels which slot together easily, forming an enclosure for hanging lights, the Persy Growbox cabinet is supplied as standard with two computer style cooling fans, one for blowing cool air in at the bottom and a slightly larger one in the lid for extracting warm air. And for those worried about odours, the cabinet comes with a shelf for supporting a small carbon filter.

The Persy Growbox is a compact cabinet that is designed to fit any small space, it's economical to run, and gets great results with low wattage sodium or Envirolites. It's no wonder little Persy received such attention at its launch at the UK Hydro and Hemp Expo at Wembley.

So, the next time you find yourself asking, 'Hey man, what's all the fuss about?', Just remember... IT'S ONLY PERSY!