Q: How strong is the structure?
A: The cabinets are constructed of 6 slices of Correx panels. When folded and slotted together they form a very solid structure.

Q: Does it have a frame?
A: No frame is needed.

Q: How are the lights hung?
A: The light reflector is suspended from the centre top of the lid by an eye bolt and adjustable light hanger.

Q: How are the fans secured?
A: The surface fans that come as standard already have cut outs for them at the bottom rear (inlet) and the lid (outlet) and are secured by nuts and bolts. When using carbon filter with duct fan, fan screws easily to the outside of lid.

Q: What is the recommended light wattage?
A: Recommended maximum light wattage is 250w.

Q: What timers are needed?
A: Any mechanical timer will do, but for switching on powerful lights (even CFLs) you will need a contactor relay to protect the timer from the start up power surge.

Q: Does the Persy Growbox come in a bigger size?
A: Persy Growbox was designed to fit in any room in the house/apartment and can be moved from room to room without having to be dismantled as it is small enough to just fit through doorways. Any bigger would push up the price, and there are already too many big cabinets/tents out there.

* Caution: The cultivation of marijuana plants is illegal in the UK and most other countries because of their intoxicating properties. Persy Growbox strongly recommend that you contact the relative authorities and seek advice about the laws surrounding the cultivation of such plants.